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Code of Ethics

SHWAXX Laboratories, LLC Code of Ethics

Introduction: Commitment to Integrity, Ethical Conduct, and Global Service

At SHWAXX Laboratories, LLC, our resolve to enrich the global community is reflected in our delivery of pristine cosmetic products, significant conservation endeavors, comprehensive recycling initiatives, and transformative projects in skin and hair care. Our ethos transcends compliance, embodying service and environmental stewardship. We engage in business with unyielding integrity, adopting ethical standards that are evident across all operations. Our interactions with stakeholders are marked by transparency and respect, laying the groundwork for superior products and sustainable operations. We are inspired to continuously innovate, offering meticulous care for our customers and our planet.

1. Compliance with Laws

Legal Adherence: SHWAXX Laboratories, LLC, based in Atlanta, GA, and expanding to Dateland, AZ, pledges to adhere to all pertinent laws and regulations. We ensure that our corporate and agricultural practices comply with and champion the essence of legal and responsible conduct.

Regulatory Standards: Our ambition is to surpass regulatory benchmarks, ensuring the safety and quality of our products, and maintaining our commitment to organic and sustainable farming.

I. Regulatory Compliance: FDA Guidelines

We voluntarily adhere to the FDA's standards and guidelines for cosmetics. Despite our products being exempt from pre-market approval, we diligently follow FDA recommendations to guarantee consumer safety and product excellence.

2. Ethical Practices in Cosmetics Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Environmentally Conscious Decisions

a. Sustainable Practices: We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact through conscientious sourcing, energy-saving measures, and waste reduction.

b. Ethical Agriculture: We practice responsible agriculture, protecting local ecosystems and employing cutting-edge farming techniques that respect the environment.

c. Responsible Manufacturing: Our manufacturing is characterized by openness and responsibility. We respect human rights and strive to redefine industry benchmarks for ethical conduct.

d. Sustainable Packaging Initiative: Committed to environmental care, we are transitioning to recyclable packaging solutions like aluminum tubing, reducing waste and advocating for a circular economy.

3. Conflicts of Interest

We promote transparency and expect employees to disclose any conflicts of interest to safeguard our company's integrity.

4. Guidance and Resolution

We provide explicit guidelines and support for addressing conflicts of interest.

5. Confidentiality and Privacy

We protect client and employee information with the utmost privacy standards.

6. Ethical Use of Data

Customer data is managed ethically, ensuring clarity in its usage and obtaining necessary consents.

7. Financial Integrity

Our financial practices are distinguished by precision and honesty, reinforcing trust and accountability.

8. Anti-Corruption

We maintain a zero-tolerance stance on corruption, bribery, and fraud, upholding unparalleled integrity.

9. Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We embrace sustainable agricultural methods and eco-friendly production to champion environmental stewardship.