SHWAXX LABORATORIES, LLC Official Closing Notice

SHWAXX LABORATORIES, LLC Official Closing Notice



After 7 years of the sincerest efforts I can describe, from myself and my wife and daughters, and ALL who have supported this scrappy little company, I must officially announce the closing of SHWAXX LABORATORIES, LLC and the end of all product productions (effective Friday, June 20th, 2024) and the end all sales and company operations over the next 60 days.

After careful consideration and MULTIPLE crunching of the numbers… time and time again, this decision is a data driven one that I, as the founder and managing director am fully at peace with. We will systematically close out all SHWAXX social media, websites, and e-commerce marketplace accounts within this 60 day window.

To all who have supported this company over the past 7 years, and stood in the gap for this idea…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I deeply appreciate your support and hope you know we gave this company our all. Though we could not achieve financial profitability which is the hallmark of good, sound business, it was an honor to have served you these past 7 years.

Thank you again,

Kevin D. Rodgers Managing Director